Wonders from the East: Amphidromus

Shells like jewels: when we think of fabulous shells with vibrant colours and elaborated patterns, our mind automatically conjures up pictures of marine mollusks… oblivious to the tremendous beauty of certain land species.

(Photo: source)

Amphidromus is among them. A genus of arboreal land snails from south-western Asia, Amphidromus is notable for its large, polymorphic shells, which have fascinated naturalists and collectors since the 18th century.

Dextral and sinistral Amphidromus shells (Photo: source)

Randomly dimorphic coiling? While most gastropod species show a predominance of either right- or left-handed coiling, in a significant number of Amphidromus species, individuals of the same population can be either dextral or sinistral.

Amphidromus adamsi adamsi (Photo: source)

(PS: And I do not know about you, but I find the live animals even more fascinating than their empty shell.)


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